Monday, November 20, 2017

Close to the End of My First Transfer....Time is Flying!

Holy cow time just flies here I can´t believe it´s almost the end of my first transfer. Time for a weekly recap:
Cookin' eggs, boi!

Learning to cook eggs better.
Lots of new investigators and people who are loving learning about the gospel. The people here are all super amazing.
The food here is amazing because we were blessed with the best pension chef in the world.
Had our final district meeting for this transfer and of course I'm the most unphotogenic person on the planet but here are some pictures from that experience hahahaha.

Finally got to teach an English lesson and I had 3 people...score!  I wish it had been more, but zero showed up last week, so ya...

But yeah life here is muy chevere and I am digging every second of it. At times it is hard but if there is one thing I have learned in these first 5 weeks here is that with Faith in the Lord, True faith, anything is possible. And I mean anything.

Oh yeah, we may be changing casas.  This one is getting smaller all the time.  We are going to look at new ones this week.

That´s all for this week. Check out my journal entries here for more details on my weekly adventures as well.

Challenge:  If everyone in the world treated one another with even a fraction of how we are served here as missionaries by these people, this world would be so much more amazing.  I challenge all of you to go out and there this week and wholeheartedly give service to someone else, no matter how small a gesture.  Make someone's day brighter.

Chau and Love,
Elder Connor Ryan deCocq

My Weekly Journal Entradas:
A 'Not Feeling So Well' Estarita

Quality gym equipment, endorsed by the
International Weightlifting Association and OSHA.
 "La necesidad es la madre de la invencion"


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Field is White Already to, Awesome Splits & 'Kalvin Cline'

** Dad Note:  Not much in Elder deCocq's email this week but more detail in his journal entires (see photos).  Not many pics either.....we told him to start taking more photos with HIM in them too!

Another week down here in paradise. The weather is bipolar, the people are all willing to listen to the missioanries and the food continues to get better and better!

No baptisms this week but next week we should have 3 so that is super excting to the see the testimonies of these wonderful people grow!

The culture here is very differnt but i am becoming more accustomed to it every day and the spanish is progressing really well. Cada día i am able to speak and understand more.

I also bought a golden chinese cat from a small tienda. Worth every Boliviano.
Other than that another good week and everything is starting to pick up. Mucha genta buena. Learning to love the mission and I am excited for what next week brings.


P-Day bowling with the Zone.

Now I'm skito proof 

If you ever buy 'Kalvin Cline' apparel at the swap meet, this is
where it comes from, apparently.  Geeez...
{Video}  Elder deCocq prepping for English lesson.  The videos don't render in the blog email announcements so you'll need to go to the blog page itself to view (click) if it isn't showing here below
                                                Prepping for an English Lesson

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Two Months Out...I'm Getting Better at This, Baptisms, Miracle Ankles, & Sacrament Bread That Was just...'Bread'

"I didn´t get all I wanted, But God gave me all I needed."

Two months out already!  So this week was by far the best for me so far in Bolivia!!!! I got to experience miracles, eat more bomb food and the people here are all just amazing! Pique Macho is by far the best food I have ever eaten.
Amazing Pique Macho.....

Last week Elder Estarita and I gave a Priesthood blessing to a man who got his ankle broken because someone hit him with a bat and his ankle was bigger than 4 golf balls. He asked us to give him a blessing of health so we did and went on our way and less than 2 full days later we went back and that same man was walking on his leg again without the crutches and the swelling was miniscule! >Through faith in the Lord, miracles are possible.

9 Year old Gladys Troncos on her
amazing baptism day
We had another baptism for Gladys Troncos and she´s is the sweetest little girl ever! The baptismal font was clogged so we got to fish the water out with buckets! So yeah that was fun too.

Ghost Elder deCocq and Elder Estarita

Elder Estarita and me bailing out the clogged font
Got a surprise box from Mom, Dad, & Kolleen on Thursday that was delivered by Sister Kitty Rolapp from Highland, UT, who is visiting here in her home country for 3 weeks.  This made my day and my comp's, Elder Estarita, since they put a surprise in there for him too.  You have to read my experience in my journal entires below of Sister Rolapp's testimony of this work in Bolivia that she related to my mom and dad.  It changed me and was very powerful.  I can't wait to meet her! 
Bolivian Sister Rolapp from Utah and her quote
that made such an impact on me I added it to her
picture that Dad sent me
P-Day was fun today so far.....we had a zone conference and headed to downtown Santa Cruz by micro (small busses that run the same routes all the time) to meet the rest of the zone.  We all went bowling and got Papa John's Pizza!  Yes, they have some 'back home' things here too.

Killed scorpion number two in the house also this week so that was awesome! Other than that another week down and I can´t wait to see what this next week has in store! *** If you want to see my day to day blessings, miracles, fun, antics, & humor, read my journal entires below.

Ciao!    ~ Elder Connor deCocq

"We all have significant opportunity to practice Christianity, and we should try it at every opportunity. For example, we can all be a little more forgiving. In latter-day revelation the Lord said: “My disciples, in days of old, sought occasion against one another and forgave not one another in their hearts; and for this evil they were afflicted and sorely chastened. “Wherefore, I say unto you, that ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the greater sin. “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.”"  - Howard W. Hunter

My Journal Entries (easier to read on tablet, laptop, or desktop):

Other assorted Randomness:
Floods are just a common thing
just go around them

Not quite my bed at home (which I miss), but it works

Horses just....'roam' around here

Titi, our adopted pet cat

Video:  When spiny chancho 'snout' meat doesn't cut it....feed the cat!
(even Titi started turnng it down)

Monday, October 30, 2017

First Baptism, 3rd Chicken Foot, Michael Jackson, & Face Licking Horses

My first baptism.  What an amazing family!

Me, and Elder Estarita 
So Bolivia is super rad! Sorry for not sending an email last week i was just really busy with emailing family i forgot to send the weekly one to friends too! Elder Estarita my trainer is the best guy ever and he is absolutely hilarious!

This week and last week were both super cool and different, but the people here in Bolivia are just all super sweet people and I  love their spirits. I love the ward here and i also got to baptize two ladies this Saturday which was a true blessing to me to see how much it meant to them!

Food here is really good and the people are really into listening to the missionaries! My trainer and my district are all amazing and i love them all! Crazy stuff happens here a lot like almost dying in taxis or micros(little buses)  but all of that is in my blog in my journal pics that my dad is keeping up if you want to read that! Here are some pictures of paradise and that's all for this week. Like i said, more in the journal....

Twelve more baptisms on deck in the next month......Amazing!

(If you want to know more about the title of this blog post, you gotta read the journal entries....never trust soup!)    Ciao!

'Wally'ball with the district boys
Started drawing to keep my mind clear
Baby kitty at one of my 'Familias' homes
Elder Estarita and our bomb Lunches we always have
​The Lord experienced the same pains and sorrows we all will feel and have felt.  Learn to rely on the Lord.
Food here is beyond BOMB

Grande bichos in this place!
We got A.C.!!