Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pope Peter, Nicaragua Missionaries, and Don't Taze Me, Bro!

Nine months out!  Crazy.....

Hi everyone back home.  Another good week.  I'm a little short on time for email this week so you'll need to read my journals for more daily details, but its been a good week.  I am missing being out in the field full time, but at least we still get to in the evenings and weekends.

I've seen some interesting people here in the heart of Santa Cruz,  We had a long disscussion with a Canadian Menonnite.  Yes, mennonites are a thing here....a real thing.  There are over 60,000 of them in the country in over 70 colonies.  Amish and mennonites are similar, apparently.  Anyway, they have interesting religious views and we spoke to her for awhile.

You may have heard that all missions in Nicaragua were closed down, temporarily at least, due to increasing violence and political unrest. Some of those missionaries have been sent here on emergency transfer to Bolivia and I went to pick one up this week.

Had a zone activity this week complete with bowling and pizza, and both always work well.

We have a third elder with us for awhile due to an ankle injury and he has to stay out of the field for awhile.  It makes it a little more of an issue logistically for us, but we make it work.  The Lord will always find ways for His servants to move forward.

We have a sister investigator who was at church on Sunday and wants to get baptized so that is exciting for us.

"Don't Taze me, Bro!"
Here is kind of a long ping-pong video of us......wait-for-it at the end

So ya, thats it for my journals for the daily details.  Our discussion with a guy about Peter being the first Pope and how Adam and Eve were just symbols was fun stuff.

Chau y con mucho amor,

Elder Connor deCocq

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Zamfir: Master of the Pan Flute

Well this week was actually hilarious to say the least. We are finally getting to know the area better but I am pretty sure the stress of the offices is just setting in and making us be weird.(pictures will explain later)
My 'Office' building
I live in the top of the closest building.  Thats our casa.
Anyway, found a Vans store here in the center and it´s all authentic stuff so we might have to see about looking into that a little bit more in the time I am here.  Oh yeah, and this chicken place:

"Heyyy...Stay away from the chicken!!
Bad Chicken!!...Mess you up!"

Really not sure what to write this week, but my journals tell it all....and here are some pictures. I intend to become the next Zamfir by the end of my mission:

My Provo comp repping THS

Weekly entries from the Journal.  I learned a lot this week, as you can tell (read on):

chau. I love everyone.

Elder Connor deCocq

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Week 2 in the Office and still trying to learn

Short email this week.  Good week, but really difficult because we have no idea what we are doing in the area. We are both super new and don´t know the area so we are very dependent on the guidance of the spirit and learning our new responsibilities in the office as well.

Here's a  pic for this week . It´s from our movie 'date' we had in the house this morning. Watched Ratatouille on our projector.

Not totally knowing what we are both doing yet makes things a little stressful and we get chastised sometimes because don't know the processes yet, but we'll get there with time.

I've found that food is more expensive here in the city than it was in Bermejo, but that is to be expected, I guess.  I was also so used to Bermejo because it was small and I knew my way around.  Its really easy to get lost here in the heart of Santa Cruz because its huge and busy.  Fortunately, Elder Lozabo (the previous secretary) comes around now and then to train me more and answer questions I have as I learn new things.

The Lord truly blesses those who put their faith in Him, so that is our new goal for this week. Humility before the Lord.

Love you all, short email but hopefully this week we will have some new news to report !
Elder Connor Ryan deCocq

****** Journalz *****

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

First Overwhelming Week in 'The Office' as Secretary Guy

So where do I begin?

This last week was my first week here as the new secretary to the president and man was I pumped for that! This week was truly full of craziness and learning the ropes but I think I'm getting the hang of it! I have lots of pictures this week of some of the crazy stuff we did.

My office and my bomb burrito
This week was transfers week so it was crazy getting everything situated for the old missionaries who are going home. Got everything good and ready and shipped 'em off Friday in the morning, which meant I got zero sleep 'again' but hey, it was an adventure.

Got "Plaf Plaf" ice cream (kind of like Baskin-Robbins) with my super legit new comp Elder Newman on Friday for 15BS at CineCenter and then got to meet everyone in my new area and we have a baptism coming up this weekend for a man named Pedro! Really excited to see what my new area and assignment has in store for me.

Unfortunately, the President had to make some mission changes and it meant that Elder Newman had to get transferred to cover for those changes so I lost him as my comp after one week.  We really connected in that week and I'm hoping I get to serve with him again....he is legit and already a good friend!

   *** VIDEO ***
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Fall asleep while the rest of the casa is awake and this happens

So, I have a new comp coming in today, as the new Finance secretary, so both of us will know little about how to run this show, but we'll get it figured out.
Me and the AP's....and my new comp arriving in the background
The New Zone:
My Planner covers:

P.S. We bought these masks for 30 Bolivianos and we also live with the AP´s

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Elder Connor Ryan deCocq