Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Five months into the Mission & 'Cristo Gigante!'

I've been out exactly 5 months today!  I can't believe how fast its going and the amazing work for the Lord we have been blessed to accomplish.
"I Love You So....Mish?"
Today's email is short, but I have lots of good pics!

Well, my first real week here in Bermejo was crazy hot and humid but nothing too bad. It's still short sleeve shirts every day.  And, we didn't get the bad floods that other areas not too far from here did this last week. Beremejo is not huge....its about 2 miles by 1 mile in size.  Its right across the river from Aguas Blancas, Argentina


I think I mentioned it last week, but we there are four of us living in one casa...two companionships.  One of the elders from Peru is in his training and has only been out a few short weeks.  He is doing well and fun to be around (plus, I'm not the greenie anymore!).

So....we sang Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting in the Branch this week.  Apparently they haven't advanced the calendar past December.  That was interesting.  Viva Bolivia!

We helped make some bread for the people who prepare out food each day.  They have a bread business also so we got to roll it up and get it ready to go in the brick oven.

My area is basically a jungle and right by the Rio Bermejo (see my video at the end of this blog post).  Its very different from Santa Cruz.

Just like in Rio de Janeiro, we have a 'Giant Jesus' who overlooks the town.  We hiked up to it today and got some pics.
Cristo Gigante! (I think there are a few peeps who
are going to have to answer to higher authority for
tagging a Jesus statue.....not cool)
Sort of unlike me, I made sure to get some 'squad pics' with the elders who live in our house
Check out the huge, crazy bugs I found this week too!

Thats all for this week.  Sorry I didn't get pics of my journal entries this week, but I have pics and videos

Chau, y te amo!

Elder deCocq

VIDEOS:  For those just reading the email, click here to see the videos in my blog (the videos don't link in the email)

                                  My Spanish rocks....just sayin'

Monday, January 29, 2018

Halfway through this Transfer...Wait, EMERGENCY TRANSFER!

Well this week started off normal and then BOOM..... Thursday night at 10:30 I got called by the Asistentes and they told me some quick changes had to be made in another area and I was going to Bermejo in the Mira Flores branch with Elder Reyes as my comp (he is from Lima, Peru and is really cool luckily). He has been out 10 months and has been in this area for 3 months already so he knows the ropes.

Said Goodbye to Elder Hall after almost 3 weeks

On Friday I said goodbye to three of my favorite families from Quince de Septiembre (my last area) then off to the airport in Viru Viru to fly an hour to Tarija in western Bolivia then a 3 hour car ride south to Bermejo. It was very hard for me to leave my area in Santa Cruz.  I have grown close to so many of my families there and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to all of the I wanted to because this happened so quickly. But, I know that the Lord has a work for me to do now further south in Bolivia.
I flew to Tarija and then a bus ride 3 hours to Bermejo

I am now right on the border of Argentina in Southern Bolivia

The new area is super beautiful though in the mountains and right on the border of Argentina. I can see it across the river here. It is very different here and so pretty.  Also, the streets don't smell so thats a plus. We have an awesome apartment and there are 4 of us living in it (two companionships).  We still have food prepared for us for lunches here as we did in Santa Cruz.  The food is very similar, but I'll be eating some fish now too.

VIDEO:  For those just reading the email, click here to see the video in my blog (the video doesn't link in the email)
My New Casa!!!


So, I am now in the Miraflores Branch of Bermejo.  So far, the area is not as 'ripe' for investigators as we had it in Santa Cruz, but that just means we have to work that much harder.  We are a branch here, not a ward so our goal is to try to bring enough saints into the gospel in this area so it can become a ward.

Kinda tired of typing so yeah thats all for this week. Will send more pics next week Chau.

As always, see my journal entries below for more of my daily 'stuff'

Elder Connor Ryan deCocq

Monday, January 22, 2018

Can We Eat Pizza For The Sacrament?

Well this week was a really good week with my new comp. We didnt have any baptisms this week but this coming Saturday we do. Sorry no pics this week other than this one from our Mission conference we had with a member of the Seventy, Elder Falabella. That was the first time I have ever met a member of the seventy and his talks he gave to us were absolutely amazing.

We are working really hard as usual and all these people we are meeting are truly helping me to grow my testimony as they learn adn grow closer to their heavenly father.

I got to see my trainer, Elder Estarita again this week at the conference and then got to also go on splits with him for one day.  It was so awesome to see him again even though its only been a couple of weeks.

We got to watch the Church broadcast and news conference live announcing President Nelson as the new  President and prophet of our church.  They let us go to the stake center to watch.

I also got a new custom made Triple cover and a scripture case so yeah I am kinda pumped for those, and I have pics of that too!  This cost me 430 Bolivianos...about $60 US, and worth every penny.  Sweet!

Check out my Journal entires for more of my daily details.

Love to everyone!

Elder Connor Ryan deCocq

Monday, January 8, 2018

Second Transfer Down, I'm Still Here....New Companion!

Second transfer here in Bolivia already.  Last week of my training and of my 12th week out here in the field. Time sure flies when you lose yourself in the work.  My trainer, Elder Estarita, transferred to Tarija in western section of the mission.  I'll miss him a lot....he's my missionary 'padre'.
  My new companion is Elder Hall from Arizona.  He's been out 18 months and is awesome.....  I just met him today, but he's awesome!  So now it will be two gringos bringing the gospel to the amazing people of this area.

Had a baptism for Hermano Aly Vega MontaƱo! He was another one prepared by God to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ for sure.

Had some nasty rain storms here too and a nasty breakout of Conjuctivitis, which is nasty pinkeye-like virus...Nice.  Fortunately, I haven't gotten it and I am washing/sanitizing my hands like crazy right now.  Food is still awesome and I haven't turned into a chicken or rice yet.

As always, see more of my thoughts and craziness in my journal entires below.

Love, Elder Connor Ryan deCocq

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

Solid week this week.

Finished up Christmas here which really isn´t as USA christmas as I thought but nonetheless still rad. Lots of drunk people because fireworks and alcohol is Christmas in this area, unfortunately.

Had 3 baptisms this week for 2 brothers and a kid from Brazil. I baptized Eduardo Freddy Mendoza Suares( 9 years old from Brazil) and he is the best! He only speaks portuguese but understands spanish so that was a plus.

Also found this giant ant while we were cleaning the baptismal font...soliddddd

See my journal entries below for more of my daily details.  All for this week Happy New Year

Elder Connor Ryan deCocq